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We work and live in the unceded territories of the Lək̓ʷəŋən speaking Peoples, and recognize the sovereignty of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. By working, living, and using the resources of this land, many of our practices come to this land and are possible through ongoing processes of dispossession and colonialism. Through this understanding, we seek to challenge ourselves, our relationships, and our experiences to this land, its people, and each other in order to work towards a sustainable community that supports Indigenous self-determination. 

Purple Camas Consulting is named in honour and respect of the camas plant, which is indigenous to the local lands in which we live, work, and play. Through traditional land management practices, which maintained the Garry oak meadows, camas bulbs were harvested for trade and as a staple food for many Coast Salish communities. Every spring, beautiful purple camas flowers fill the meadows, and in the past couple decades, the Lək̓ʷəŋən have renewed their traditional harvests. In naming our company after the camas flower, we are acknowledging the lands, and contemporary and historical, colonial contexts in which we perform our work. 

Cultivators of Sustainable Cannabis Business


Our expert team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals provide a proven combination of industry and regulatory experience to assist in navigating the Canadian cannabis landscape. Purple Camas Consulting began as a solution to assist cannabis retailers, growers and producers in navigating the complex processes of the licensing, compliance, and government relations.

We have built strong relationships with cultivators, producers, processors, and retailers across the industry; key government agencies and officials; and have a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly changing cannabis policies and regulations across all levels of government. We are committed to leveraging our unique vantage point from within the cannabis industry to growing our clients’ businesses.


"The Tseshaht First Nation Elected Chief and Council and administration have been very happy to work with Purple Camas Consulting to help Tseshaht navigate the provincial licensing system and to provide important advisory services for the start-up of Orange Bridge Cannabis. Purple Camas Consulting has been instrumental in our success with this project thus far."
"Working with Purple Camas was (and continues to be) an outstanding experience. They took the time to understand who we are as a company and demonstrated they understood our specific needs. They were a critical part of the development of processes and the successful execution of our launch. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach from inception to the final stages and we strongly recommend their services."
"Purple Camas Consulting took our storefront from concept to completion. They felt like part of our core team throughout the entire project and made what could have been a stressful licensing and launch process into a smooth journey. I am thankful for their quality work and ongoing support." 
"Purple Camas Consulting knows their stuff! They broke down our relaunch on Vancouver Island into manageable chunks and helped guide and support key strategic decisions such as store layout, product line development, pricing strategies, and even staff training. They are professional and down-to-earth people, it was a pleasure to work with them." 


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