Micro-Cultivation Licence

Cultivation licences are primarily for the propagation, cultivation, harvest, and sale (to certain parties) of cannabis. ​​

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Micro-Cultivation facilities are limited to 200 square meters (approximately 2152 square feet) of canopy space.  Canopy space is the area where all parts and processes (including cultivation, propagation, and harvesting) of the cannabis plant must be contained, including surfaces that are vertically arranged. This licence is well suited to applicants who wish to produce craft cannabis in small batches.


With limited production capacity and less cannabis on-site at any given time, the security requirements for Micro-Cultivation facilities are more lenient. For example, unlike the Standard Cultivation licence, 24/7 intruder and visual monitoring systems are not required for Micro-Cultivators. A detailed Organizational Security Plan (OSP) is still required, along with other various physical barriers and secure storage access control protocols. 


Depending on the project, a Micro-Cultivation facility may require considerable capital investment to build; however due to the more lenient security requirements and limited canopy space, it is less costly than a Standard Cultivation. Furthermore, lower production capacity means a lighter workload; the business can be managed by 2-4 people and run a leaner operation, with less administrative expenses, such as wages, utilities, maintenance fees, etc.


Cultivators, prior to becoming licensed, have the unique opportunity to bring in starting materials (plants or seeds) obtained from unauthorized sources. All formerly illicitly obtained cannabis genetics must be declared during the licensing process, as an exclusive one-time ability to bring new genetics into the legal market.


Cultivation licences are the only class of Health Canada licences that require a Master Grower. The Master Grower is responsible for the cultivation, propagation, and harvesting of cannabis in compliance with all applicable regulations. Like processing licences, cultivation licences also require a Licence Holder, a Responsible Person, and a Head of Security; a single person may hold multiple roles within one application, provided they satisfy the requirements. 

The Purple Camas Consulting team would like to offer our proven track record of licensing and operational success, and the opportunity for our clients to build equity in a long-term cannabis venture. We offer assistance with various classes of Cannabis Act licenses.

Entering the cannabis industry can be an exciting business venture with significant upfront costs. The Camas team is here to ease that transition and provide our industry expertise to develop successful cannabis businesses for our clients’ investments. 

We provide assistance with a complete Micro-Cultivation application including the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of the application such as the Organizational Security Plan (OSP), Good Production Practices Report (GPP), Standard Operating Procedures Report (SOP), and the Record Keeping Report. We can create all of the templates and the full suite of SOPs necessary for a basic Health Canada Micro-Cultivation application.​

Licence Combinations

It is possible to acquire multiple licence classes on the same site. This table demonstrates the possible combinations of Health Canada licence classes an applicant can pursue. 

Nursery, Standard, and Micro-Cultivators are only permitted to sell seeds, fresh flower, and clones, and Standard and Micro-Processors can sell cured and finished products. 

Both cultivation and processing licences are permitted to sell their product to medical patients if they acquire a Sale for Medical Purposes licence.

A processing licence is required to sell to provincial distribution networks or recreational retailers.

Health Canada Cannabis Site Combinations

NOTE: Recreational sales are not regulated by Health Canada, but by each individual province and territory. Recreational sales are not included in this table.


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