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Operational Readiness may be loosely defined as the capability of a project to produce its desired outcome, and is composed of many different processes, which all contribute to the planning and preparedness for day one of operations.

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Cannabis operations are different from any other industry. From the production, distribution, customer service, and public perception to the compliance, marketing, visual merchandising, inventory management, and reporting requirements, all aspects of the cannabis industry are special. Our expert consultants are passionate about the cannabis industry, and can help prepare you for this unique retail venture. Our service offerings include:


Essential to any well-managed and sustainable business are Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). SOPs promote smart and efficient systems that can cover anything from work safety to customer service, by outlining clear and repeatable procedures and providing step-by-step guides for vital operations. They help create consistency in work, assist management in tailoring their processes to conduct their business effectively, benefit employees in helping staff know exactly what is expected of them, and provides material to reference back to when the boss is not around and they have a question. We are happy to provide templates of our SOPs for clients to customize at their leisure, or work extensively with you to tailor these foundational procedures to reflect the culture and vision of your business and ensure your voice and values are heard.


The team at Purple Camas Consulting has lived and breathed cannabis for years and we are eager to pass this knowledge on. We recognize the importance of knowledgeable staff in the cannabis retail environment, where customer service representatives must be able to compassionately acknowledge the special relationship many have with cannabis, while ensuring that all information and advice is communicated through the lens of recreational sales. We offer an extensive training regimen to deliver comprehensive cannabis knowledge, with a wide variety of topics ranging from safe consumption practices, to the legal history of cannabis. We also offer supplemental courses to our SOP package for both management and frontline staff, designed to prepare you and your team for all aspects of retail operations, including but not limited to conflict de-escalation tactics, POS/IMS management, and safe cash handling practices. We are happy to deliver this training in person to work closely with you and your team. 


The importance of inventory management, especially in such a highly regulated industry, cannot be stressed enough. The federal Cannabis Licensing and Tracking System (CTLS) tracks the high-level movement of cannabis throughout the supply chain. To ensure no cannabis is diverted to the illegal market, all cannabis movements are heavily monitored and unexplained inventory movements are not tolerated. Through strict inventory control protocols, our consultants can help you reduce product loss, craft effective cycle auditing schedules, and identify and correct the sources of any inventory discrepancies. 


Comprehensive inventory management systems, point-of-sale systems, and other necessary hardware can improve the efficiency of your store, better the customer experience, and save you money. Purple Camas Consulting has extensive experience with various cannabis-tailored Point-of-Sale (POS) and Inventory Management Systems (IMS), digital menus, payment terminals, and scheduling software; we know what qualities to look for. From selection to installation, our team can help evaluate what options are right for your business.

The Purple Camas Consulting team would like to offer our proven track record of operational success, and the opportunity for our clients to build equity in a long-term cannabis venture. We offer assistance with initial recruitment, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and implementation, management and staff compliance training, and cannabis retail preparedness. 

Entering the cannabis retail industry can be an exciting business venture with significant upfront costs. The Camas team is here to ease that transition and provide our industry expertise to develop successful cannabis retail businesses for our clients’ investments. 

Our consultants can handle the design, store layout, construction, security requirements, and final staging. If there are preferred companies in the community that you want to be involved with the project, our team is happy to work with them. Upon licensing, we also offer initial recruitment and People Operations services in order to build a successful team that can sustain the growth of the business. Our team will provide standard operating procedures (SOPs) and cannabis retail industry best practices based on our years of experience. Supplemental training above the provincial Cannabis Worker Qualification Program will include POS operation, inventory control, secure cash handling procedures, physical security, incident reporting, cannabis product knowledge, sales techniques, and identification requirements. We also offer continued support to the Management and staff in the operations and administration of the business to ensure sustained growth.


When you are in such a highly regulated industry, there are few places in your operations that can run without documented processes. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are not guarantees for flawless execution of all tasks, however they ensure that you have tested and structured guidelines in place to help all areas of the business meet their targets. Their existence and integration with your operation will increase the efficiency and value of your business.

Camas understands that SOPs are only effective if they are relevant. Our team will work hard with you to ensure that all procedures are tailored to your specific needs and work not just in theory, but in practice too. These aren’t cut and paste templates; we taking pride in making your procedures unique to you. 

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