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People Operations takes a proactive approach to create a healthy workplace that employees are engaged with while upholding all relevant regulations. Starting with business objectives, people operations will partner with you so you can attract, onboard, and retain talented, productive, happy employees who will help you achieve your goals, reduce costs, increase revenue, and grow your business.

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Our experts know that being good employers means engaged employees, community support, and increased long-term profitability. Let us work with you to build a sterling reputation as an employer and a business. 


We can provide full support throughout the recruitment process from job design to job offer. Our consultants will help you define your needs, craft interview questions, and assist with equitable hiring procedures to select the ideal candidate. We will ensure the new staff onboarding process adheres to all relevant employment standards and the orientation experience is positive, to ensure a high rate of employee retention and set a high bar for staff morale. By hiring and training employees effectively, we help you increase employee retention which reduces expensive hiring and training costs associated with employee turnover.  


Every employer must meet basic requirements as outlined in their province or territory's employment standards, health and safety, and bullying and harassment legislations. Our consultants can provide a comprehensive explanation of your obligations as an employer and a guide of best practices to help you as an employer maximize the value of your people. We will work with you and assist with the development of policies and letter templates surrounding required statutory leaves and other types of optional leave offerings, develop compensation benchmarking that shows industry norms and wage scales that fit your organizational goals, and develop and align your HR policies to larger organizational goals. The development of intentional policies that align with business goals, employment regulations, and employee needs lead to clear expectations and increase employee retention while minimizing risks associated with employment regulation contraventions. 


Our team is passionate about creating positive workplace cultures and environments. Our consultants are experienced at acting as an employee liaison to ensure accountability and help resolve ongoing, persistent, or unexpected people challenges. We will assist with the development and implementation of policies and performance management programs aligned with the internal development objectives of your organization.  Proactively implementing meaningful employee relations strategies leads to increased employee satisfaction, and engaged and happy employees provide better customer service and generate increased revenues.

At Purple Camas Consulting, we would like to offer our proven track record of people operations success, and the opportunity for our clients to build long-term employment relationships in their cannabis venture. We offer assistance with all aspects of the people operations associated with running a successful business. 

Our People Operations consultants have experience spanning several different industries including tech start-ups, manufacturing, not-for-profits, liquor, and cannabis. The Camas People Operations team possesses an in-depth knowledge of best practices associated with payroll; development of internal employee policies and procedures; building performance management programs; employee relations; and recruiting for a variety of positions and skill sets required for the cannabis industry from seeking out candidates for front-line retail to specialized executive-level roles. Through our experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the unique needs of employees in the cannabis industry and the challenges faced by employers working in regulated industries. 

The Purple Camas People Operations Consulting team has a comprehensive understanding of the continually changing labour policies and regulations across all levels of governments. We are committed to leveraging our unique vantage point from within the cannabis industry to growing our clients’ businesses.

What's the difference between People Operations & HR?


The swap from Human Resources to People Operations represents a shift in attitude away from siloed, stodgy departments focused on policy over people and towards a future where the department’s primary goal is in developing strategies to enable the success of individuals and organizations. 

Admittedly, the term Human Resources is not always comforting to hear in the workplace. Its original purpose of supporting employees and ensuring equitable and inclusive workplaces is overshadowed by its reputation as purely administrative, needlessly bureaucratic, and only ever involved when things go wrong.

There has been a growing realization that employees can actually be one of an organization’s key competitive advantages, changing the way businesses value their people. The term People Operations has emerged in response to this development, with the goals to re-humanize business; within the Camas team we like to call this approach warm professionalism. While the daily tasks for People Ops and HR have remained relatively the same, the mindset has shifted to be more people focused.

People Operations (People Ops) Compared with Human Resources (HR)


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