Retail Cannabis Licence

Retail cannabis licences are required to sell recreational finished cannabis products to the end consumer.

  • Why a Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Licence?
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Recreational cannabis can only be purchased from a licensed cannabis retail store. Available recreational cannabis products include THC and CBD products such as dried flower, pre-rolls, seeds, edible oils, capsules, extracts, edibles and topicals. Note: Medical cannabis can only be purchased directly from Health Canada Licensed Producers. Patients with a prescription must order their cannabis through a mail order delivery system. Authorized medical patients may also grow their own cannabis or designate someone to grow it for them.


Living in a lab coat and nitrile gloves and working in a sterile environment isn't everyone's idea of a good time. Being part of the neighbourhood recreational cannabis retail store offers customer-focused entrepreneurs the chance to be a part of the dialogue surrounding cannabis within their community. It offers an opportunity to break the stigma, discuss the benefits of cannabis with customers, and hear firsthand accounts of success stories from members of the community.


Although the regulations for cannabis retail differ between each province and territory, recreational retail storefronts generally do not require significant security protocols and systems. Security cameras and secure storage for the cannabis to ensure all products are inaccessible to the public are still required.  


Depending on the project and location, a Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Store may require considerable capital investment to build; however as a retail store with relatively more lenient security requirements and less intensive buildout requirements than a federal Licensed Producer (LP), this licence would likely be the least expensive to get off the ground. Administrative expenses would largely depend on the hours of operation and size of the storefront.  

The Purple Camas Consulting team would like to offer our proven track record of licensing and operational success, and the opportunity for our clients to build equity in a long-term cannabis venture. We offer assistance with provincial/territorial licensing applications, and municipal permitting and licensing for cannabis retail. 

Entering the cannabis retail industry can be an exciting business venture with significant upfront costs. The Camas team is here to ease that transition and provide our industry expertise to develop successful cannabis retail businesses for our clients’ investments. 

Our consultants can handle the design, store layout, construction, security requirements, and final staging. If there are preferred companies in the community that you want to be involved with the project, our team is happy to work with them. Upon licensing, we also offer initial recruitment and People Operations services in order to build a successful team that can sustain the growth of the business. Our team will provide standard operating procedures (SOPs) and cannabis retail industry best practices based on our years of experience. Supplemental training above the provincial Cannabis Worker Qualification Program will include POS operation, inventory control, secure cash handling procedures, physical security, incident reporting, cannabis product knowledge, sales techniques, and identification requirements. We also offer continued support to the Management and staff in the operations and administration of the business to ensure sustained growth.


Distribution and recreational sales are provincial and territorial jurisdiction, which leads to different systems across Canada. This table demonstrates each province and territory’s recreational cannabis retail framework.

This table does not show the additional areas that the provincial and territorial governments have the ability to set addition restriction beyond those set out in the federal Cannabis Act, which include:

    • lowering possession limits
    • increasing the minimum age
    • restricting where cannabis may be used in public
    • setting added requirements on personal cultivation

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Cannabis Retail Regulations in Canada

NOTE: For both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the ability to sell cannabis via a private online store is contingent on the operation of a brick and mortar store (i.e. there are no online stores that operate separately from brick and mortar stores).


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